Sweet Peas and Joy

Tips on growing Sweet Peas and popping them in to a bottle of Joy!

Sweet Peas and Joy; a beautiful combination.

They are one of the first plants that I grow each year. I tend to sow my seeds in January, but that’s only because I’m not organised enough to sow them before Christmas!

Sweet Peas make a beautiful essence, and for this reason I pop this one into Joy combination essence. The essence as sweet pea is for when you feel alone among many. If you think about the doctrine of signatures we see a plant that intertwines itself, but there may be that lonely one, as there is often a lonely person within a group, a family or the workplace. Sweet Pea helps to offer support for when you feel that sense of loneliness. And obviously once in full bloom they look beautiful and smell amazing!

I am looking forward to them fulfilling their promise of beauty and heady scent. It will be in the Summer that I will be able to make these into an essence. This is what makes sowing your own seeds for essences so exciting. It is an honour to sow the seed, nurture it, tend to it, pot it out and watch it grow into something that gives so much pleasure and beauty. It’s what makes gardening so exciting.

The thought of blue skies surrounded by your sweet peas and other flowers; with essences on the go is what keeps me going through these darker months. And this January into February has been particularly cold! Although the snow drops are now presenting themselves with their delicate snow like buds. They offer hope to us all when we see them emerge from the cold soil.

So here’s to warmer days, evenings outside, flowers everywhere and time to actually sit and enjoy it all. Bring on the Joy!