Essence and Energy Healing

Guidance Readings

 I work on a one to one when doing essence and energy healing. I take the time to tune in to what you truly need to move forwards, gently guiding you away from negative patterns. I use the essences to connect with my guides to offer you suggestions of where things could change, or where a different way of thinking would be useful. We will connect into the energy from the essences; they have a wonderful way of unlocking that which has been holding you back, helping you to realise your full potential.

I will work with you on an energetic level, showing you how to release the energetic ties that may be binding you, allowing you to be free to be who you are meant to be. You may be called to work on ancestral ties, releasing them and letting them go. This is something I do regularly as part of my own practice.

I do use a pendulum to help me to connect to my higher power, the universal energy, and also to help to choose a personal blend for you.

The energy healing sessions are £68, to include a remedy. If this is being done on zoom then there will be a postage charge for the remedy.

Sessions last 45 – 60 mins. 

A follow up session is recommended 3 weeks later.

To book your session with Amy please email or call 07753986810

“The reading was so accurate but also so specific and true to me. I left with the tools and confirmation of how I needed to make change to live a better, happier, and fulfilled life.  Thank you”

“Amy’s reading gave me help and guidance to change repeated unhelpful patterns and habits . I released a lot of emotion as the words spoken to me by Amy were exactly what I needed to here at that time.”

“I was lucky enough to sit with Amy and talk about some strong emotions that I was going through.  She gracefully talked me through my feelings using her essences and her Pendulum.  I was not like doing a reading with a Clairvoyant or a Physic, but more like information and guidance being given to me from my own inner knowing. It felt gentle and real, and she held space for me to open up beautifully.”

Amy’s energy is effortless and natural and I will be using her guidance to access mine in those times of need.  I feel we all need a gentle hand in times of change and Amy is a graceful spirit to guide you.”