Did you know that natural doesn’t always mean natural?

It is very important to us that the ingredients we use when making our essences, aromatherapy essence blends and organic skin care are natural and organic when we can source them and absolutely cruelty free.

Firstly the essences that are produced in Amy’s garden are made from plants she has grown herself or collected on local walks. She also visit’s local friends’ gardens to harness the energies from their trees, such as Walnut.

Whilst Nature’s Wish doesn’t have an organic certification yet, we are already in place to go, when we feel we are ready. All our floral waters for the energy sprays are organic. Nearly all of the oils used in the roller balls, face oils, body oils and cleansing oils are too. And the essentials oils are organic where possible.

On the ingredients labels there are two ** which denote organic, so you can see for yourself.

We really feel that if it is possible to use a non-GMO product, one without the use of pesticides, then we should. Why wouldn’t we? We need all of nature to keep things going, and the more chemicals we use, the more they are affected, it’s a simple choice to us.

Way back in history, in Ancient Egypt there are records of the Egyptians using castor oil, they were in love with the enriching qualities. The Romans are recorded to have used olive oil, beeswax and rosewater in their own cleansing routines. None of these of course were chemically enhanced.

Unfortunately when we became more of a technology society, the cosmetic industry used the new machinery being developed to create complex formulations. Molecules in ingredients were changed and claims were made such as – ‘look 10 years younger’. We all started to move towards looking more youthful and trying product after product.

Now the move towards natural and organic ingredients and organic skin care is growing. Not only are less of us wanting to put chemicals on our skin, but we are also more aware of the consequences of the chemicals used in the growing of ingredients. Admittedly organic doesn’t always mean good for the environment as ingredients have to travel miles to be distributed, but then so do chemically grown products.

Beware when a product states that it is ‘natural’ it can be formulated with only a small amount of natural ingredients and still claim it to be natural. We only use natural ingredients, lovely luxurious oils and essential oils. It’s a fabulous job to have when we are making with such ingredients!

Soon it will be time to start our production of essences. Amy is working hard in her garden to grow the flowers needed for the flower essences this year. And we are launching a new range of essences too in a couple of months, predominantly made from the dahlias she has grown over the last couple of years, exciting times, and we can’t wait to share these with you soon.