flower essences as nature intended

Our purpose here at Nature’s Wish is to spread the word about essences and their ability to help to restore balance to our busy lives. When we allow ourselves to just be, we enable our natural energy to flow, our stress levels to drop and our mind to quieten. When our true selves emerge, we give space for us to be the best that we can be, and to find our life purpose.

Our award winning skin care and aromatherapy essence products contain natural, plant-based ingredients. We also use organic ingredients where possible.

Each of our oils has been chosen for its specific function, from Omega rich Chia seed oil to antioxidant Red Raspberry seed oil loaded with Vitamin A and E. Every one of the essences has been created with love and chosen for its vibrational quality.

Except for the tea all our products include the essences, and with no hidden or artificial chemicals, or any ingredients that would dilute the nutrients or vibration in the products, you are investing in a beautiful aromatherapy essence blend. Every time you spritz an energy spray, apply the facial oil, drop an essence under your tongue or drink a cup of tea you are changing your energy and bringing in that sense of balance that is so important.



I began making essences in 2010. I was already trained as a Bach Flower Therapist, but with a background in Fine Art I am always keen to make things, and so I began to create essences.

I was already fascinated in the power of nature and healing benefits of being outside. So when I learnt that you could harness nature into a bottle in the form of essences it felt a very natural step forwards.

Throughout this process I learnt to trust my instinct and to hear the messages that I was being sent. My biggest download that was to completely change the direction my work life was headed, was after I had made 40 or so individual essences. One night a short while later, awake at three in the morning, I was sent all the combination essences, and information on how they would help, I knew on waking that I was meant to get the essences out into the world, and not just make them for friends and family as I had intended.

Nature’s Wish products are a catalyst for creating a sense of balance within yourself. Whether you are using the essences or the sprays, a face oil or having a cup of tea, everything I create is to help bring space within yourself, to allow time to stop and restore your natural energy.

My mission is to spread the word about flower essences and their powerful way in which they bring you back to yourself, to your soul path, to allow yourself to be the best that you can be.