What are flower essences? Shining a light on flower essences.

Would you like to know about nature’s magic? Flower essences! A source that is there for us all to connect with, an endless connection to mother nature and her super powers!

flower essences

I’m talking about flower essences, and not just flowers; there are trees, crystals, environmental, animal energies and channelled. Essences come in from many sources.

flower essences

What are essences?

Flower essences are a form a vibrational healing. Each essence contains the imprint of energy from a particular flower, tree, crystal, environment, gem or mineral. Drawing on these calming vibrations gives us the opportunity to come back to balance and feel calm and centred again.

They can help support us when we are trying to release old thought patterns that are no longer useful to us or our development as we journey through life.

The flowers, crystals, environments all have different vibrations which we are able to harness into an essence by using the power of the sun and water. We then choose the essence that is most applicable to us and it helps to return us to our positive state to get bring us back to balance.

If you find it an unusual concept to connect with the idea of flowers and their vibrations, I find it useful to think of the way that we as humans pick up vibes from each other. We resonate with other people’s vibrations or we find that we are put off from connecting we those that we don’t ‘like the feel of’. We are all vibrating, and flowers and plants and crystals do too, in fact everything does.

What we do when we are using flower essences is to harness that particular flower, crystal, tree essence and ask it to help us to rebalance to bring us to a better state of balance, vibration and energy. Plants are very giving and are willing to let us use their natural energy to do this, so along with setting our intentions this is a powerful combination.

Ancient modality.

This is actual an ancient healing system. Evidence suggests flower essences have been used by civilizations as far back as the Ancient Egyptians, Sumerians and Chinese. Indigenous people all over the world have used them. We know that the Australian Aboriginals believed the morning dew that appeared on the flowers contained healing properties. They would sip it from the plant in the morning or gather this dew and use it to help them. Every flower has a particular vibration that it is stored into that dew. When a person takes the dew, they integrate that healing information into their own energetic field, rebalancing themselves.

How to take them.

flower essences

Essences come in drop form, which you pop under your tongue. At Nature’s Wish we also blend them into energy sprays, roller balls, body oils and face oils, to give you many options of ways to absorb them into your energetic system.

Working with flower essences can be a very gentle way of working although sometimes they may unearth held emotions which are then released. Indeed this can be painful and disconcerting, but it is necessary for the energetic healing to take place. You may use the analogy of the peeling back the layers of an onion.

Having a knowledge of flower essences gives you an extra modality in your wellbeing toolbox. I for one always have a rollerball or essence in drop form in my handbag, for me it is a comfort to know they are there and I can use them when needed.

Mother nature is a powerful source, and to have to ability to harness a small part of nature’s energy in a bottle is truly a gift from nature herself.


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