How to choose a flower essence blend.

Choosing a flower essence blend is actually super easy! Some people worry that they will get it wrong, but actually by following your instinct, you will choose what you need. Below are a few tips to help you.

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Aphrodite Crystal Essence

The first thing that would be helpful to do is to think about what issue it is that you want assistance with, and to tune into that, asking the universe, your higher power or whatever you choose to show you guidance.

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Our instinct is usually very strong and by creating a space within yourself to hear that voice, you can tune in and find the flower essence for you. One way is to take a few really deep breaths, centre yourself and just ask what flower essence is going to be useful for you right now. If you are standing in front of the essences you have, or looking through a book, or seeing them in front of you on the website, that would be useful. It can help to have a visual of the names at least.

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Another way is do dowse using a pendulum or by whichever way you like to dowse. I body dowse, or use a pendulum. This way I feel as though I am removing my ego and asking my higher power, my soul what I truly need to move forwards.

My daughter sometimes uses her hand. She holds her hand palm face down, over each essence. She will get a warm pulling feeling to the essence she needs, and so uses that one.

You may also be quite analytical about it, and like to read about each one, to see which one speaks to you the loudest.

If you are feeling that you can’t do any of the above, I am always here to dowse for you. I can let you know by dowsing, which essences that you need at that time.

Essences come in drop form, which you pop under your tongue. At Nature’s Wish we also blend them into energy sprays, roller balls, body oils and face oils, to give you many options of ways to absorb them into your energetic system. Here you can also use any of the methods above to feel into which modality is good for your energetic system to receive the essences.

You can’t really go wrong when choosing the essences. The trick is to trust in yourself. Something we’re not always so good at doing these days.

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Mother nature is a powerful source, and to have to ability to harness a small part of nature’s energy in a bottle is truly a gift from nature herself.

If you would like me to dowse for you, or create a remedy bottle please email

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