We won another award!

We are delighted to announce that The Great Taste awards have seen fit to award for of our teas with a one star rating!

We have hoped for one of the six blends to win an award, so you can imagine how delighted we were when three of our teas were given this wonderful recognition, especially as the teas had been out on the market for a few months.

Here at Nature’s Wish we love drinking tea, and i am sure now to have this star rating makes it taste even better! I know it isn’t all about winning awards, but it is quite lovely when a respected board decided your tea is worth celebrating!

Here is some of the feedback that we were given on the blends

Release Tea
This is a loose fresh smelling mixture with individual components readily identified. It brews to a pale lemon coloured liquor with a welcoming aroma. The infusion is light and so well balanced that all components can be identified and each plays a part in the overall effect. This a very pleasing infusion and worthy of star rating.

Clarity Tea
A very mixed tea, both green and brown with herbal elements. The golden liquor is soft and rounded, the delivery of mint bright, the other additions take a welcome back seat and don’t dull the brightness.

Joy Tea
A very mixed leaf with a good deal of stalk and fibre. The clear, pale gold liquor carries pleasingly balanced notes of jasmine and lemon.

Peace Tea
Earthy aroma with a hint of rose. This tea is very delicate in flavour, with the different ingredients working well together. The rose petals give the tea a welcome floral lift. Very pleasant.

And even though the other two didn’t receive awards they had some lovely comments!

Really pretty floral tea blend. Distinct notes of camomile on the nose. The camomile comes through on the palate, with oh so slight citrus and rose petal notes.

The loose components have a delightful woody floral aroma with all components identifiable. The infusion brews to a bright and clear pale amber coloured liquor with a gentle rose and lavender aroma. The flavours balance well, with cedarwood-like rooibos sitting comfortably with the floral aspects. Altogether a very well balanced and pleasing infusion.

So we were very happy with the result and hope it will encourage you to try or teas!