• Amy | 9th February 2017

    Why touch and massage is just so good for us.

    The media and recent studies have said we are becoming a ‘touch phobic’ nation. I for one love a good hug, but there are many who live on their own and don’t have that contact.

    There has been much research done about the benefits of massage and touch. Massage can help to alleviate back pain and improve a range of motion. It helps athletes to prepare for and to recover from physical activity.

    Studies have consistently shown that in having a massage our oxytocin levels rise. We are familiar of oxytocin being the ‘love’ hormone, but also within the body it reduces the levels of cortisol in the body and lowers blood pressure. And did you know this – it also improves gut motility and decrease intestinal inflammation.

    Physically massage can promote tissue regeneration and improve circulation and is known to help alleviate anxiety and depression.

    Whether we go for a massage for a pamper, therapeutic, deep tissue or simply to have an hour to yourself, there is no doubt that regular massage is a great way of maintaining our health, both mentally and physically.

    In a world that is moving so fast, and in which many are suffering from stress and running on empty, massage can really help to manage that. Studies have shown that many illnesses are related to stress, so surely a regular massage is something we should think about as part of our routine, rather than viewing it as a treat to ourselves.

    Regular massage can result in decreased anxiety, better sleep quality, improved concentration and increased energy levels.

    There have been many studies done about the importance of touch. Past studies have shown the emotional damage done to babies who have been starved of touch. And in our world today more and more people are living alone, and again studies have shown how people can feel starved of touch. Those who feel deprived of physical contact with others are more likely to experience depression and stress. So it proves that a hug is always beneficial!

    Why not consider having a regular massage as part of your wellbeing plan. Some people book in for a massage fortnightly, some monthly, some every six weeks. I have found that if I don’t book my own massage at the end of the treatment before I know it a couple of months has past, and my body really feels it. So I book in before I leave – it’s a good tip!

    So wherever you are reading this, contact your massage therapist and book an appointment now. And when you next see a friend may I suggest you have a hug, remember the benefits it will bring, to both you and your friend!

    Amy x


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