• Amy | 11th August 2015

    The Power of Affirmations

    Lately I have become very aware of just how controlling my thoughts can be, and how random and disconnected they can become!  It was quite shocking to me just how negative my thoughts were, let alons what I was saying. Negativity very easily can become a habit, so I decided to take action and really practice what I suggest my clients and friends should do. Positive affirmations.

    Over our summer holiday in Port Isaac I had time to really think and practice meditation. Whilst sitting on the beach watching the others surf I sat with my green tea (it was a bit chilly!) and set about putting affirmations into practice properly and I did it every day. And what a beautiful place to do it, and because I was in holiday mode I could give the whole process the attention it needed.

    I chose five affirmations, and wrote them down 15 times a day, writer’s cramp set in pretty quickly! I chose five but you could also just concentrate on one. Mine focussed on my family, my work, my behavioural patterns that I’d like to break and on abundance! I wrote them every day, fifteen times for three weeks. They say three weeks is what it takes for them to become an integral part of your thoughts, to break old patterns.

    What has happened since? Well I still write my affirmations every day, different ones now, and I often say them when I'm walking on in the car. I replace the word ‘if’ when talking about things I wanted to happen in my future, with ‘when’, and I visualise it happening. I allow myself to be willing to change and to release any resistance to change. I also tell myself that I am worthy of good things happening and find myself smiling when I say that.

    Any results yet? Yes! Firstly I came home from a week of energetic work with a cold sore and a mouth ulcer, a good sure sign that I was releasing stuff that I no longer needed to keep with me. This felt very poignant as I made another batch of Release Essence on holiday.

    And over the next couple of weeks? Well, work wise my massage business is now really picking up; in one affirmation I speak of how many clients I would ideally like a week, and I’m almost there. I wrote affirmations about Nature’s Wish and within the last few weeks opportunities have arisen, a competition has been won with my Balance Face oil, and an article has been published in the local magazine. Everything is heading in the right direction, and it feels fabulous!

    I really feel that affirmations are working for me. I use them in conjunction with the essences and meditation, especially if I feel some resistance to change. I spend a moment checking in to see if it’s fear, stubbornness or self-critical thoughts that are stopping the flow, and take the necessary essence. It has become part of my thought process and I quite enjoy taking the time to write them.

    I know that this isn’t new and affirmations, mindfulness and positive thinking etc are very much embraced as the way forward right now. But it’s always good to be reminded what can work for some people, I hope it’s inspired you to give it a go – get writing!


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