• Amy | 9th February 2015

    Putting it off....again!

    PROCRASTINATION!!!!! I often think that it was secretly embedded into my name somewhere when I was baptised. I seem to be naturally very good at it. I have always said that if they awarded degrees in it then I would gain a first class honours.

    I work from home. It has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages being that I can take the children to school and walk the dog. I can be around to pick them up and take them to diving, Theatre Monkeys, cello lessons, ballet lessons, choir, piano, singing and more ballet! (Yes we do a lot in our family.) It also means that sometimes if I'm organised I can have a meal cooking ready for when they are all home, and harmony ensues over a lovely calm family dinner at the end of the day, when we all ask about each other's day and calmly listen while each person is talking.

    How far from the truth. Family dinners, after we have all been at school or working usually descend into a rather tense affair where we are constantly telling the children to close their mouths when they eat, sit up, elbows off the table and constantly question if it is at all possible for them to have more than one buttock on the chair at any given time. And yet we keep trying.

    Anyway I digress. Working from home is great, but I am the world's worst at keeping focussed on the task in hand unless I have a deadline. Deadlines work perfectly for me, so sometimes I set myself the most impossible tasks within a stupid time frame and fail, and feel like I've failed. I try to remind myself that I've done three lots of washing that day, hovered and walked the dog - that is all an achievement when working as well. But it's just keeping the momentum up in the office or in my room where I formulate, that's where I struggle.

    Why? I hear you ask, what's the reason for lack of motivation? I have motivation; I know how big I want Nature's Wish to be. I know the products I want to make, and know the places where I'd like to to be selling. In the past I would say it is fear that has restricted me, but now I think it's habit too.

    So this year I have battled the force of procrastination with an army of determination and positivity. I have finally completed my Anatomy and Physiology qualification; this has taken me a very long time, much longer than it needed to. Armed with my Flower Essences a bit of homeopathy and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) I have conquered the fear of having to do an exam and sat down to complete and pass two. Yes I was nearly in tears by the end of the second one, but I did it.

    See? I can overcome my fears and can succeed, and if I can, anyone can. So I'd like to be able to say that procrastination is a thing of the past for me, that I will no longer allow myself to be distracted by the washing and noticing that suddenly the office is great need of a tidy-up, but I'm a way off that yet. But I'm getting there. Armed with Clarity and Release essences in my glass of water and a need to prove to you all that 'I can' I will now attempt to go and complete a few things off my list. I'd better be quick though - I've managed to make it through to the afternoon without doing that and it's almost time to pick up my daughter!

    Oh well, there's always tomorrow!



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