• Amy | 11th August 2015

    Nature's Wish has won an award! It's time to celebrate!

    What a fantastic piece of news I was greeted with last week, Nature's Wish has won an award!!!! 

    Janey Lee Grace has awarded Balance Face Oil her Platinum Award as the best in the category of Face Oil. How are excited am I?! It's such wonderful news, and thank you to all of you who use the oil and given such lovely feedback, you are really valued.

    To celebrate the award Nature's Wish has a special offer on all three face oils at £25 each until the end of August, so hurry and take advantage!

    I've just come back from a week in Port Isaac, it's probably my favourite place in the world right now. It has the ability to relax us all, and bring us together as a family after the hectic time of end of term and my husband and I running around like crazy people, trying to fit everything in. When we drove into Port Isaac and saw the sea we all breathed a sigh and forgot about all the niggling that took place in the car on the long long drive down and remember that we all quite liked each other really. My children had a week of enjoying each other's company and I don't mean that with cynicism!  We settled into a wonderful week of exploring unknown places, connecting again with our favourite locations and very quickly fall into the routine of popping into the pub and card games before dinner! Sounds idyllic doesn't it, and it is!

    Which is why I make Release Environmental Essence there.  It is made where we overlook the sea enabling me to capture that wonderful energy in an Essence. Though interestingly this time with the first batch I made an enormous seagull decided to drink from the bowl, so I had to start again. He clearly felt it was good stuff!

    I've been busy writing again, and recently had an article accepted into Life in Haslemere Magazine, find out about the benefits of massage and flower essences in the article, in the blogs.

    I have been working on Positive Affirmations a great deal recently, and discovered just how effective they can be, if you'd like to read more please read the blog. 

    Thank you once again for all your support, you are wonderful, and I look forward to being able to bring you more positive news soon!


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