• Amy | 23rd February 2015

    And they say it's easy!

    This morning I did something I've never done before..I took part in an aqua aerobics class at the gym we are members of, but are somewhat lacking in using.

    I decided on this class as I have a bursitis on my hip from running, and thought the water would help support me, whilst I exercise. And yes it did, but I found it very hard to keep up to the beat of the music whilst working against the water. I know that's the whole point of it, but being musical this irritated me, and made me try harder to keep up with the young fit instructor as she jumped about without any trouble, keeping the beat with arms and legs working in perfect co-ordination. The rest of us aimed to keep to time, stay up-right, bring the correct foot up to the correct hand, all within the fast beat pounding away above the noise of the splashing water. Impossible!

    The hardest exercise for me was where we had to do breast stroke arms - that's the easy bit - whilst bringing our knees up to our chest, off the floor, working our way up and down the pool. Oh my goodness! It showed me just how weak my core was. There I was with my arms working so hard to keep my body and head from sinking. I glanced at a lady in her sixties and said how hard this was, and she shook her head in sympathy and smiled in pity as she stated it wasn't hard at all! I was just glad of the cover of the water so I could occasionally touch the floor with the tip of my toe to propel me along a bit further, in order to keep up. Cheating you say? No, merely a small bit of assistance whilst I marvel at the women who clearly have much stronger core muscles than I do!

    Did I enjoy it? Yes, though I did glance at the clock twice to see how long I would have to endure showing everyone my lack of co-ordination! I really did enjoy the boxing exercise. I'm not one for violence, but on her instruction to box harder and faster I found that strangely satisfying, and punched out as hard as I could, avoiding anyone near me in my enthusiasm.

    Will I go again? Yes! In fact on leaving the gym I booked up to go again. Generally I am not one for fitness classes unless it's yoga, though I've not been very good at that lately either. So I've decided that for lent this year (yes I'm a bit late) I'm not going to give up chocolate or alcohol, I'm going to exercise more and feel better about myself. Running always helped me, but I can't do that for now. I walk the dog every day, but have decided to add the aqua in as well, and do what I always said I would do and go to the gym more.

    I am hoping by declaring it to the world I will have no choice but to commit and do it! Essences at the ready, Release for this week (for I can't, and I'll never be able to) and I will keep you updated. My aim is to swim breastroke with my legs up to my chest with ease, and not be gasping for breath at the end of the width, and then look with pity on another newcomer as they battle to keep their head above water. Let's see shall we.


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